Premium Keyboard Services (Canada Only)

Hi there,

Below is a breakdown of all the services I provide. All prices are in CAD and it does not include return shipping:


  • Base price of assembly for 60/65% is $60, 75% is $70, TKL is $90, Full-size is $105
  • Stabilizers are lubed (TRIBOSYS™ 3204 on the plastic inserts and dielectric grease on the wire) and all wires are balanced
  • Soldered with Kester 63/37
  • A complete build-log will be provided to the client
  • DIY kits with through-hole soldering are excluded from the assembly service

Optional Assembly Add-ons

  • Flux removal (to remove all traces of flux on the PCB post-assembly) – $30


  • Base price of desoldering for 60/65% is $45, 75% is $55, TKL is $75, Full-size is $90
  • Desoldering LEDs in addition to the switches are an extra charge – please contact for an accurate quote
  • There is a $20 discount should you combine both desoldering and keyboard assembly services


  • USB port replacement (Mini or C and includes replacement port) – $35
  • Hotswap socket repair – $30
  • All other repairs are priced at $30/hour
  • Replacement components are included in the cost of the repair, unless otherwise noted
  • SMD components are repaired with a Quick 957DW+ hot air rework station
  • Neighbouring components are covered with high temperature tape during the repair process

Switch Lubing

  • Please contact for a personalized quote


Here is a list of some of the boards I have assembled/repaired in the past:

  • Matrix 2.0, 2.0 Add, 3.0
  • Frog, F1-8X/K, F2-84
  • Iron 165/180
  • TGR Jane V2 CE, Jane ME
  • Monokei KFE, KFE CE, Kei, Tomo
  • KMAC2
  • Duck Eagle/Viper V1/V2, Octagon V1/V2, BlackBird, JetFire, Lightsaver V2, TC-V3, Orion V3, Unicorn X Legend
  • LZ CLSm, CLSh
  • ZealPC Zephyr

Please contact me at justin[at] or on Discord (JW#0869).

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