• Premium Keyboard Services (Canada Only)

    Hi there,

    Due to some interest from Discord users, I am now offering keyboard assembly, desoldering services (depends on the job) and keyboard repair. For more detail, please see below and all prices are in CAD and do not include return shipping:


    • Base price of assembly for 60/65% is $50, 75% is $70, TKL is $90, Full-size is $105
    • Stabilizers are clipped and lubed (TRIBOSYS™ 3204/Krytox 205g0 on the plastic inserts and dielectric grease on the wire)
    • Soldered with Kester 63/37
    • All main components are covered with high temperature tape during the soldering process
    • A complete build-log will be provided to the client
    • DIY kits are excluded from the assembly service

    Optional Assembly Add-ons

    • Gaffer tape (similar to the band-aid mod) – free
    • Flux removal (to remove all traces of flux on the PCB post-assembly) – $30


    • Please contact me for an accurate quote
    • There is a $20 discount should you combine both desoldering and keyboard assembly services


    • Repairs are priced at $30/hour
    • Replacement components (SMD resistors/diodes and RGB LEDs) are to be sourced by the client and provided with the keyboard
    • SMD components are repaired with a Quick 957DW+ hot air rework station
    • Neighbouring components are covered with high temperature tape during the repair process


    Here is a list of some of the boards I have assembled/repaired in the past:

    • KMAC2
    • Duck Eagle/Viper V1/V2, Octagon V1/V2, BlackBird, JetFire, Lightsaver V2, TC-V3, Orion V3, Unicorn X Legend
    • LZ CLSm, CLSh
    • Matrix 2.0
    • ZealPC Zephyr
    • Kira80, KBD67, CA66, WhiteFox, Massdrop CTRL, Mechmini 2
    • Filco Majestouch 2, Ducky Shine 1/2

    Please contact me at justin[at]kbdlife.com or on Discord (JW#0869).